Today we are sharing an overview of our services in Mexico and Dominican Republic.  They have no entry requirements, and no mandatory quarantine.  There is no discrimination between vaccinated or non-vaccinated people.   Both countries are stamped by the WTTC as “Safe Travels”.   This stamp guarantees that destinations, hotels, tour operators, etc. follow to the letter the hygene and sanitization protocols established by the WHO and CDC.   These amazing countries are committed to make you feel welcome and safe, every step of the way.

Dominican Republic

Santiago de los Caballeros – The First Santiago in America

  • Dr. Javier Baez-Anglés is a wonderful cosmetic surgeon, triple board certified in USA, Brazil and Dominican Republic.  He operates at HOMS (Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago) and has many happy patients under his belt.  His Patient-Coordinator Carolina, is a sweet lady that will take care of all your needs.  And if you really want to be pampered, you definitely want to stay at Gina’s Recovery House !


Cancun – The # 1 Destination for medical travelers in Latinamerica

  • Dr. Alicia Benavides and Dr. Nain Maldonado perform cosmetic surgery in Galenia and Amerimed Hospitals. Dr. Benavides is a high-skilled and very experienced cosmetic surgeon.  Dr. Nain Maldonado is double board certified in USA and Mexico. They provide a service package which includes transportation, lab work, medicines, nurse and concierge service.  And their patient coordinators Luis & Claudia, will take care of all your needs.
  • Dr. Rafael Velazco is also a high-skilled and very experienced cosmetic surgeon, with 30 years experience operating international patients. He is available at Azura Hospital (former Victoria), and has plenty of happy patients under his belt.
  • Dr. Mark Shtern is an amazing Dental Surgeon and fluent in four different languages.  He has a beautiful clinic where you can get dental implants and other treatments at very affordable prices.

Guadalajara – The Land of Tequila and Mariachi

  • Dr. Ruben Agredano is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the country and is also LGBT friendly.  He is double board certified in USA and Mexico and has amazing reviews.  On top of that, he offers the Ruby Recovery Home.  It includes, all meals, trasportation, nurse service, and you can come with a companion ! And the best part is your friendly host Miguel will definetely pamper you since the minute you arrive.  And here is a surprise for you: Dr. Agredano will be operating in Cancun and Mérida this summer !!!

Los Cabos – Land’s End

  • Dr. Humberto Solís is an outstanding bariatric & metabolic surgeon. He operates at BlueNet Hospital, and is also available in the “White City” of Mérida.    He also has amazing reviews ! And his Patient Coordinator Itzel, is eager to organize your adventure. His dream team has nutritionist and psychologists if you need support.  And on top of that, they have packages available including hotel and transportation !

Puerto Vallarta – The most Romantic Sunsets Ever

  • Dr. Sergio del Hoyo is another great bariatric & metabolic surgeon.  He operates at CMQ Hospital.  If you are looking for quick and easy.  This is your best choice.  You can arrive to the hospital in the morning, get your lab work done, and get admitted for surgery.   And four days later you can be back home and ready to start loosing weight immediately.

All in One in Beautiful Dominican Republic

The Benefits of  Staying in a Recovery Home

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Requesting your Dental Firmquote™

If you would like to combine your cosmetic surgery with dental treatments, you just need to fill in your medical history and upload your panoramic x-rays and photos.   In the next couple of days we will provide you with a taylor-made quote and the Surgeons feedback.  Go ahead and Click Here

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