Being On Board The Ship

“To be or not to be, that is the question”.  Today’s dilemma of being vaccinated vs. unvaccinated has created a sense of belonging or not belonging.   Whether you are in the group of people that decided to get the vaccination or not, you are still a citizen of Earth in such hard times of a global pandemic.  However, some governments, companies, schools or other entities are starting to make some new rules in which unvaccinated people are facing many restrictions.   And this is a matter of being on board, or being off the ship.

Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated Citizens

If you are unvaccinated, the answer is yes. There are some countries like Mexico and Dominican Republic that have no entry restrictions.  Their hospitals also accept patients for cosmetic surgery or other specialties, regardless their vaccination status.  But, do not be surprised if you hear that some Surgeon or some Hospital is not accepting your case because you are unvaccinated.  And regarding  the European Union, they are being very strict about opening access for international tourists.  If you are vaccinated, you are free to go without mandatory quarantine.

Overcoming the Resistance

There is plenty of conflictive information about vaccines, and too much fear and anxiety linked to it. So people have the right to a strong opinion against vaccination.   But, on the other hand, the vaccinated people want the pandemic to be over ASAP.  They cannot stand to live in a planet with deadly sick people all over the world.  They want people to live happily every after.  They are the forever optimists.  And this dilemma will take us to the time where the vaccinated people will be on board, and the ship will soon set sail towards a better future.

Destinations Open Now For Vaccinated Travelers

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