Get 5% Off Facial Feminization Surgery in Mexico !

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It is a fact that Gender Transition surgeries have become very popular in the last years.  If you are looking to stylish your face and enhance your looks with a beautiful feminine touch, then FFS is the right fit for you.  Have you ever been to the land of tequila and mariachi ? Well, this

Meet Dr. Juan José Méndez in Mexico City

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Dr. Juan José Méndez Bio Dr. Juan José Méndez is a highly recognized surgeon in Mexico and USA. He performs Gender-Affirming Surgeries in both countries, with many happy patients under his belt. He and his dream team are LGBT friendly and are totally committed to their patients satisfaction.  He has his own new clinic located

More About Our Services in Mexico

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Mexico is known as the land of contrasts. People have a general idea of this astonishing country.  But, they are not certain about its culture, its heritage and its customs.  It is a completely different world the "White City" of Mérida, than Los Cabos, for example.   While some destinations still keep the  "province" atmosphere, others

Gender Reassignment Surgery in Mexico City

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Biological Gender vs. Identity Gender Gender Reassignment Surgery is very common nowadays.  There is an incongruence when the biological gender does not match the gender with which people identify.  Gender-Affirming Surgery provides people with their chosen identity.  A person can obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate which changes their legal gender. 

I Am What I Feel – Gender-Affirming Surgery

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The beneficial effect on people undergoing sex-reassignment surgery is evident.  When the biological gender does not match the gender with which they identify, there is a gender incongruence. While many transexual, transgender, and gender-nonconforming people find comfort with their gender identity without surgery, there are others that choose to have gender-affirming surgery.  Nowadays a person

Inverted Nipple and Nipple Reduction Surgeries

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About Inverted Nipple Surgery Inverted nipples are buried inside the skin instead of being erected above the breasts.  Nipple surgery considers a number of factors, including the breast shape, degree of inversión, and whether or not the patient wants to breastfeed at a later time.  For a severe case of inverted nipples, surgery is

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