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More About Our Services in Mexico

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Mexico is known as the land of contrasts. People have a general idea of this astonishing country.  But, they are not certain about its culture, its heritage and its customs.  It is a completely different world the "White City" of Mérida, than Los Cabos, for example.   While some destinations still keep the  "province" atmosphere, others

Gender Reassignment Surgery in Mexico City

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Biological Gender vs. Identity Gender Gender Reassignment Surgery is very common nowadays.  There is an incongruence when the biological gender does not match the gender with which people identify.  Gender-Affirming Surgery provides people with their chosen identity.  A person can obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate which changes their legal gender. 

I Am What I Feel – Gender-Affirming Surgery

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The beneficial effect on people undergoing sex-reassignment surgery is evident.  When the biological gender does not match the gender with which they identify, there is a gender incongruence. While many transexual, transgender, and gender-nonconforming people find comfort with their gender identity without surgery, there are others that choose to have gender-affirming surgery.  Nowadays a person

Inverted Nipple and Nipple Reduction Surgeries

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About Inverted Nipple Surgery Inverted nipples are buried inside the skin instead of being erected above the breasts.  Nipple surgery considers a number of factors, including the breast shape, degree of inversión, and whether or not the patient wants to breastfeed at a later time.  For a severe case of inverted nipples, surgery is

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