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Meet Dr. Victor Ocegueda in Los Cabos, MX

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The Benefits of Regenerative Medicine We all know that Regenerative Medicine is widely used to cure many ailments.  But, it is also widely used for minimally-invasive cosmetic purposes.  Regenerative therapies and procedures are becoming more popular every day because of their high rate of sucess.  Dr. Ocegueda and his Dream Team, are happy patients under

Meet Dr. Carlos Duran in Madrid, Spain

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Dr. Carlos Durán Dr. Durán is the Head of the General and Digestive Surgery Services at Quirónsalud La Luz Hospital in Madrid, Spain. He is also Head of the Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Surgery Unit. With more than 22 years of experience in laparoscopic obesity surgery, he has performed more than 800 interventions with a

Meet Dr. Naci Karacaoğlan in Istanbul, Turkey

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Professor Dr. Naci Karacaoğlan's Resume Professor Dr. Naci Karacaoğlan is the Dean of the Medical School of the Medipol Mega Üniversity Hospital, located in Istanbul, Turkey.   He started his amazing career very young, and had the opportunity to specialize in Breast Surgeries in the USA.  Years later, he has become highly recognized and respected in

Meet Dr. Javier Herrero in Barcelona, Spain

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Dr. Javier Herrero is the leading specialist of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, Spain.  This cutting-edge facility is part of the QuironSalud leading hospital Chain in Europe. Dr. Herrero has 35 years experience in the field, and 20 years at Teknon.  He thinks that his patient’s expectations are a priority,


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