Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty, Glow, Charisma. There it seems a little bit of confusion when people think of beauty, glow and charisma.  Basically, most people think they are quite the same thing, but actually they are very different concepts.   Cosmetic Surgery is all about beauty and enhancing your looks.  And that certainly can add glow and charisma to your personality, but not necessarily.    Glowing people literally light up the room when they step in. While on the other hand, a charismatic person is an influencer that charms people. So let’s have a closer look at their traits.

What is a Glowing Personality ?

Women and Men who “Glow” look happy and healthy.  Their skin looks fresh and they irradiate some kind of vitality that makes you wonder how they do it ?!   Glowing is an equivalent of a radiant aura that drawns people to them.  These people are the so called “shining stars” who are self-confident, but, they do not try to attract unnecessary attention.  They just “are” and behave themselves in such a natural way that you can perceive that there is no act behind.  They are usually nice and caring people with an honest and wonderful smile.

What is a Charismatic Personality ?

According to a study conducted by the University of Toronto, charisma is basically the sum of influence and affability. We can then say that a charismatic person shows strenght of presence and leadership skills, while at the same time is pleasant and approachable.  They are the ones who like look like fish in the water when they interact with others. And you can recognize them for their big smile and positive thinking.    Interpersonall skills and communication are their ace under the sleeve, plain and simple.

What is a Beautiful Personality ?

Let’s talk about attractive people and their “misterious allure” that practically mesmerize others with their looks. They seem to have strange powers that make you surrender to their beauty.   So Beauty is Power !  Then we can say that a beautiful personality sums up to great looks and a great wardrobe, right ? Your clothes and shoes need to match your magic.  Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a great idea to refresh, enhance and rejuvenate yourself. And if you sum that up with glow and charisma, you will just become irresistable !

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