We have heard plenty of horror stories about people dying in the OR or a few hours after cosmetic surgery.  Why does this happen ? Because there is a always a risk in any surgery ?  Or  because the patient is a heavy smoker ? Well, horror stories do not happen in Gorgeous Getaways. While there are many question marks about the reasons why there was not a successful outcome, there are certain key decisions that you need to be aware of beforehand.   If you really want a positive outcome, then you definitely need to take into account this four steps:

  • Be honest in your medical history – This is your number # 1 priority.  Hiding information from your family medical history, any medical conditions you may have, or if you are a heavy smoker, is a no no.  All medications and vitamin supplements that you take have to be addressed as well.   Allergies, anesthesia reactions, type of surgeries and years performed is very important information. Pacemakers, prothesis, etc. also need to be addressed.
  • Choose the best cosmetic surgeon – This is your # 2 priority.  You need to put yourself in hands of somebody that is high skilled, knowledgeable and experienced.  Most likely it will cost a bit more, but it is worth it.  The best surgeons will surround themselves with the best anesthesiologists and the best practitioner nurses when in the OR, in order to avoid any complications.  Their motto is: “Patient Safety First”.
  • Choose the best hospital – This is your # 3 priority. A cheap hospital will never guarantee a positive outcome.  That is a fact.  Many horror stories have happened in small clinics that do not have the necessary equipment, nor safety conditions.  Sacrificing your wellbeing for the sake of saving money is out of the question.
  • Quit Smoking – This is your # 4 priority.  If you are a heavy smoker or just do not follow the rule of stop smoking two months before surgery, then you are putting yourself at risk.  You need to be responsible and act accordingly.

Having cosmetic surgery done is as absolutely safe as you want it to be.  We will guide you every step of the way so you can achieve all your goals.  Cosmetic surgery abroad is an amazing experience that you will definitely enjoy very much.  Traveling to an exotic destination, meeting new people and looking in the mirror a new you is a life-changing experience.  You will feel totally  renovated, rejuvenated and you will be super happy with your younger looks.  And the big smile on your face will say much more than many words.

The Purpose of Your Medical History

Best Surgeon, Best Hospital or Best Destination ?

Important Advice to Plan Your Cosmetic Surgery

Why Do I Have to Stop Smoking Two Months Before My Surgery ?

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