You can choose to pay for your surgery prior to departure, or after your consultation with the surgeon.  Please review the options below.

Payment on Arrival (POA)

If you are paying on arrival then your currency exchange rate could have moved up or down since we first quoted you, please check this before you travel so you know how much to budget for in your currency. Most clients prefer to pay prior to departure to lock in the rate and avoid any payment issues on arrival.

If you are paying the hospital with your credit card, please make sure there is sufficient funds on your card, and also inform your bank that you are traveling to Malaysia so they will not put a stop on your card – many banks are getting conservative, thinking that transactions may be fraud. Let them know you will be making a large payment and on what day (your consultation date). Payment for your surgery has to be made in Cash in local currency or Credit Card.

Payment in Advance (PIA)

The easiest and cheapest way to pay for your surgery is with prepayment wire/direct deposit. This has the lowest fees and everything can be done by internet from home. No credit card fees, no stress before surgery! If you wish to pay in advance by bank transfer, please let your consultant know and we will send you our account details.  We will make the payment for you in advance, so you do not need to be concerned about your payment being processed on arrival. It is important that this payment is made 14 days in advance so that we can confirm that your payment has been received by the hospital. We will reference your date of surgery, the surgeon and most importantly your name on the transfer so we can issue you a receipt.  All payments are completely refundable less 20% for administration costs.

Variations and Changes
If you have paid prior to departure and you change your mind about your procedures or wish to change your initial booking, your customer service manager will be able to help you manage this with little effort and provide you with various options available.