Season 1, Episode 2 – Transgender Documentary

These two women always knew there was something different about them; they always knew that there was another side of them that wanted to come out.

Nikki-Lee Carlson, 37, is on an incredible journey of transformation as she undergoes gender reassignment surgery and breast augmentation. In 2005 Nikki-Lee was Nick, a finalist on New Zealand idol. This fame means she is sharing her journey under the glare of the public eye. Becoming a woman is something she always dreamed of, so she put her other dream of being a singer on the backburner.

Life is short, so Nikki-Lee decided it was time to honour this and reach her true happiness.

Amelias Surgery Holiday In Thailand

Just like Nikki-Lee, Amelia Gianni, 26, is living her life as a transgender woman, something she has done since she was a teenager.  She is venturing to Thailand to get facial feminisation and revision rhinoplasty, something that she hopes will change the way she sees herself in the mirror.

This chance to have surgery in Thailand is the next step for both of these women to live the life they always dreamed of. They share tales, help each other emotionally and bravely share their journey and experiences while undergoing surgery with two of the worlds leading surgeons in the field.

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