Season 1, Episode 4 – Extreme Plastic Surgery Documentary

Susy and Ella Griffiths are looking to share a family adventure like no other on this mother, daughter holiday that will quite literally change their lives.

Susy Griffiths, 54, embarked on this journey to get a facelift. Susy feels as though over the last few years her face has deteriorated and when she looks in the mirror she does not see what she feels like inside.

By her side throughout this journey is her daughter Ella, 21 who will be having a breast augmentation. Ella feels as though her breasts are ‘flat and squished most of the time’ and is looking forward to feeling ‘really girly and confident’. After seeing her mum undergo a successful breast lift 8 years ago in Thailand, she has decided it is her turn now.

Karen Sabire, 45, is sharing this journey with the mother, daughter duo. Karen had been ‘consumed and eaten by a fat person’ after her pregnancies and now to complete the next step of her five year weight loss transformation she is in Thailand to get a boob job and a tummy tuck.

After working so hard to lose the weight, Karen is not proud of her body and only wants to get undressed in the dark. These surgeries are her chance to gain the body she really deserves after all her hard work.

Karen has left her three children behind to change her life, while Susy and Ella have the support of each other to get through their transformations. How will these three women bond as they change their lives together? Check out the extreme plastic surgery documentary today.