Season 1, Episode 5 – Plastic Surgery Reality Show

Three young mums are heading to Thailand for three very procedures in the hopes that they will gain the confidence and be proud of what they see when they look in the mirror.

Fallon Gill, 31, is heading to Thailand for liposuction of her abdomen, which is inspired by her work on the Miss Ink Tattoo beauty pageant that she founded 7 years ago when her life had hit rock bottom.

Fallon has had multiple procedures, which started five years ago with a tummy tuck after weight loss and giving birth to her child. She is hoping that this procedure will complete her transformation that started when she was at her lowest point and leave her a happier and more confident woman.

Like Fallon, Angela Chappell, 31, has previously undergone surgery. In fact this is the reason for her trip to Thailand. Angela is having a revision of a previous breast augmentation, which after giving birth to her second child has drooped and changed sizes. Unlike other patients her daughter and very supportive husband are accompanying her on this getaway.

Mandy Carney, 29, however has never had any surgical procedure, nor has she ever travelled out of Australia. Stepping well outside her comfort zone, Mandy is having breast augmentation after her body changed during weight lose. Four years ago Mandy gave birth to her little girl, afterwards she was overweight and decided to make the lifestyle change she needed.

These women are all hoping that their surgeries will leave them confident and more comfortable and lead to a brighter future. Check them out on the plastic surgery reality show.