Christian’s Cosmetic Adventure in Guadalajara, MX

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Christian is a kind young man who was looking for the best surgeon in Mexico who know how to perform pectoral implants.  This is not the type of common procedure that any cosmetic surgeon can perform.  You need the combination of expertise, high-skills, and knowledge to be able to obtain the best results.  So we

Kendra’s Cosmetic Holiday in Guadalajara, MX !

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Kendra's cosmetic holiday was carefully planned since the very beginning.  She is a very smart and busy lady who asked for the very best Surgeon, no matter the destination.   So we recommended Guadalajara, MX. and Dr. Ruben Agredano, who is very high skilled, experienced and double board certified in Mexico and USA. Followed by her

Takita’s Cosmetic Adventure in Guadalajara, MX

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Making an Informed Decision Takita is a wonderful woman who decided to have her cosmetic surgery done in Mexico.   Since the very beginning she asked for the very best surgeon, no matter the destination.   She wanted her surgery to be done by an expert with plenty of happy surgeries under his/her belt.   After watching video

More Stories About our Happy Patients

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We already shared with you some stories of our happy patients in Cancun.  Today we will share with you some more but this time from Galenia Hospital (JCI).  These patients were operated by Dr. Alicia Benavides and/or Dr. Nain Maldonado. Shannon - She was one of our very first patients to visit Cancun after its

About some of our Happy Patients in Cancun, MX

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As you know, Mexico does not have entry requirements since its reopening on June, 2020.  This is one of the reasons why we have had many patients choosing this destination for their cosmetic surgeries.   Other reason is that prices are affordable offering quality and good service.  Here are little stories of some of our happy

Cristhine Weight Loss Journey in Los Cabos, MX

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Cosmetic Surgery vs. Weight Loss Surgery Christine is a wonderful woman.  She reached to us because of her interest in cosmetic surgery.  However, she needed to loose some weight before she was the ideal candidate for her procedures. So I recommended Weight Loss Surgery instead.   This type of surgery saves you all the extreme diets

Vanessa’s Cosmetic Journey in Cancun, MX !

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Vanessa's Informed Decision Vanessa is a lovely lady who contacted us because of her interest in a Mommy Makeover.   She wanted an excellent surgeon and affordable price in Cancun, MX.  Being a great candidate for surgery, we offered her two different options.  Then, after taking advantage of the complimentary teleconsultation with Dr. Rafael Velazco,

Twinkle’s Exciting Journey in Guadalajara, MX !

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Twinkle's journey started when she inquired about the best surgeon in Mexico. She had already booked her surgery with other provider but she noticed that their reviews were really bad. I immediately recommended Dr. Ruben Agredano who is one of the top surgeons in the country.  She booked and requested

Anita’s Cosmetic Journey in Guadalajara, México

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Anita's Journey started when she contacted us because of her interest in having cosmetic surgery done in Cancun, MX.  However, the logistics worked better for her to go to Guadalajara, MX, so I recommended Dr. Ruben Agredano, who is one of the best surgeons in the country.  She accepted to

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