Kareem’s Gorgeous Getaway in Guadalajara, Mexico was a success. Ae is a very cool person and contacted us because ae was very interested in having feminization surgery with Dr. Ruben Agredano.   Kareem was looking for a magnificent surgeon and specialized in these type of procedures to perform aer surgery. And all aer dreams came true!  Kareem also decided to stay at the Contour Recovery House, so ae would be pampered during aer recovery period.   And their wonderful team ensured that ae had a wonderful time and a worry-free recovery!

Soon we will upload his videotestimonial!

Feminization & Masculinization Surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico

Dr. Ruben Agredano is a magnificent surgeon and LGBTQ+ friendly.   He is specialized in feminization and masculinization cosmetic surgery with a variety of procedures available, such as:

  • Face & Body Implants
  • Forehead remodling
  • Eyelids and Brows Remodeling
  • Rhinoplasty / Septoplasty
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Lips Lift & Remodeling
  • Chin and Jowls Contouring
  • Breast Implants
  • Gynecomastia (Male breast reduction)
  • Abdomen Contouring
  • Feminization Liposuction
  • And more!

Let us know your specific needs and we will let you know all the details.


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