Christian’s Cosmetic Adventure in Guadalajara, MX

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Christian is a kind young man who was looking for the best surgeon in Mexico who know how to perform pectoral implants.  This is not the type of common procedure that any cosmetic surgeon can perform.  You need the combination of expertise, high-skills, and knowledge to be able to obtain the best results.  So we

2021 Mommy Make-Over Specials in Mexico !!!

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Why a Mommy Make-Over ? Because it is the gold standard procedure to contour your silhouette by removing sagging skin and excess fat.  If you are looking forward to recover a youthful appearance after pregnancy, or if you have suffered a major weight loss, then this is the smart choice.  Mommy Make-Over surgery is a

Important Advice To Plan Your Cosmetic Surgery

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A Pefect Process Today we will listen for a few minutes to one of our most high-skilled cosmetic surgeons: Dr. Ruben Agredano in Guadalajara, MX.  As you know, it is very important to plan ahead carefully in order to reap the amazing benefits of cosmetic surgery.  Dr. Agredano explains thoroughly, provides suggestions and important advice

Mommy Make-Over Promotion in Cancun, MX

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What is a Mommy Make-Over ? It is a combination of five different procedures, in which all the excess fat and sagging skin is removed.  This procedure is very much recommended after major weight loss or pregnancies.  Or if you just want to recover a rejuvenated silhouette and look fantastic this summer, then this is

2021 Summer Specials in Mexico

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A Great Summer Body Are you ready for a gorgeous summer body ?  If you are looking for body contour and a sculpted silhouette, then this is your opportunity.  Mommy Makeovers procedures have changed the life of many women that are tired of sagging skin and excess fat.  If you want to feel totally rejuvenated

Meet Dr. Ruben Agredano in Guadalajara, MX

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Dr. Ruben Agredano is among the best cosmetic surgeons in Mexico.  He has carefully built an outstanding career over the years. His specialties are the aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.  Dr. Agredano is LGBT friendly and is  specialized  in M-F Feminization and F-M Masculinization surgeries.  He is a very experienced surgeon who likes using minimally

Twinkle’s Exciting Journey in Guadalajara, MX !

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Twinkle's journey started when she inquired about the best surgeon in Mexico. She had already booked her surgery with other provider but she noticed that their reviews were really bad. I immediately recommended Dr. Ruben Agredano who is one of the top surgeons in the country.  She booked and requested

Choosing Cancun for Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Mexico Mexico is one of the most popular countries offering cosmetic surgery at lower costs than the United States of America or Canada. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Mexico ranks fifth worldwide for most cosmetic procedures, so you have a guaranteed high-quality performance

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