This is a very good question.  Being a candidate for cosmetic surgery is all about having a BMI lower than 30.  Your BMI is the Body Mass Index that is calculated out of your height and weight.    When your BMI is higher, you are not exactly a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.  And this is because Surgeons want you to have successful results.  On the other hand, they will not take the risk of any complication in the OR.  So if you are looking for the best results, you will need to loose some pounds before your cosmetic surgery.

BMI Higher Than 40

When you have a BMI higher than 40, you most likely will need a Weight Loss Surgery.  Keep in mind that loosing 100 pounds may take you several months, with strict diet and excersises.   So we strongly suggest to weigh your options.   After weight loss surgery, you will definitely experience a major weight loss, and then you will be a great candidate for cosmetic surgery ! There is always a bright side.  The goal is for you to maintain your weight for at least 3-6 months, and then have your cosmetic surgery done.

BMI Between 31-35

There is a chance that a very experienced and high skilled surgeon accept your case.  But he/she will be very honest and let you know that the results may not be as great as you would like.  There is excess fat that can be removed of your body with cosmetic surgery, and there is fat that cannot be removed because it is in a deep level.   This means that you need to loose weight.   If you are looking for a flat abdomen with a BMI of 35, that will not be possible.  But if you are looking for panniculectomy (removal of excess skin in the lower abdomen) that will work !

Does this apply if I am want a Facelift ?

Yes and No.  The results of a facelift will definitely be much better if your BMI is lower than 30.    But, if your BMI is higher, the facelift can still be performed. However, it is important to talk to your Surgeon about your expectations. He/She will tell you what can be done, and what to expect.


Am I A Good Candidate For Cosmetic Surgery ?


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